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What our Guide Dogs Pet Insurance policies offer

When you choose to insure your pet with Guide Dogs Pet Insurance, a portion of the proceeds from your policy will help fund the breeding, training and placement of much-needed Guide Dogs with blind or vision impaired Australians. Along with knowing you are helping others, the benefits of Guide Dogs Pet Insurance for you and your pet include:

Third Party Liability Cover for dogs, from $1M to $5M depending on your plan

Guide Dogs Pet Insurance offers Covered for Life1

Full coverage for hereditary and congenital conditions2

Shortest waiting periods

Multi-pet discounts3

Great value plans to cover vet fees from $9,000 to $20,000 depending on your plan

Specialised treatments and complimentary therapies

Flexible payment plans and methods

Diagnostics covered even if nothing conclusive is found (unlike some of our competitors)

1Lifetime coverage is subject to the policy being renewed annually without any break in cover. Subject to annual policy limits and excludes pre-existing conditions

2Guide Dogs Pet Insurance covers these as standard as long as the condition was not showing clinical signs prior to the effective date of the policy or during the policy waiting period. Subject to annual policy limits. Pre-existing conditions are excluded from coverage

3Insure 3 or more pets to receive a 10% discount

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